Making Africa Smaller Through Africa 4G

It’s a surprising fact to know that Africa, one of the largest land masses in the world with a growing population is also one of the least connected. That in itself is sad to know knowing that our brothers and sisters in that continent barely have a way of connecting with one another much less to the rest of the world.

This is probably one of the reasons why there’s a lot of strife in such a beautiful place. The lack of communication makes it easy for those who would want to take advantage of others to move around freely without the notice of other people from around the world.

But, what if Africa should become connected? Not only with 2G networks but with 4G networks!

This will make this continent more accessible as people from Africa will be able to share the world as they see it to others who are planning to go there. This gives other global citizens a chance to have a basic feel of what to expect.

But why does it really have to be 4G? Can Africa afford it?

You might be surprised at just how wealthy Africa is. if you think about it, they have the resources to be an independent country. What you see on TV isn’t the entire picture of what Africa really is like. So, let’s try and get rid of that misconception.

Yes, Africa can afford it and they need 4G connections simply because this is what the rest of the world already has. There’s no point in providing a backwards technology to this nation.

By enlarging the connectivity in Africa it allows more people to be connected to a global network where they can connect with other people and share their experiences. As this spirit of sharing is fostered, so too will the growth of knowledge as information is exchanged bringing in better understanding and cooperation between two or more people separated by greater distances.

4G allows for a faster and more stable connection so communication is in no way hampered. Because of this high level of convenience, it will encourage more people to stay connected allowing for immediate transmission of information as events unfold.

This high level of connectivity is going to discourage people from carrying out heinous deeds as they have a high chance of being reported immediately with their acts captured on video or in photos ready for the entire world to see.

Another thing that Africa is known for is their rich musical culture, so aspiring artists can capture their performances and immediately upload to the net so other people will get to know them and have an appreciation for the type of music they play.

Lastly, we can’t have an article about Africa and not include the things you’ll see while out on a safari. If you have 4G connectivity, it will be easy to capture everything on your camera and transmit to the rest of the world live as you interact with the environment’s flora and fauna.

Africa may be a large place and it may seem exotic but once 4G connectivity is fully implemented, you’ll see it figuratively grow smaller and get nearer as more connections are made. So here’s hoping it will be installed completely

This is clearly the case of how technology enhances the lives of people from all over the world instead of being a detrimental factor leading to the demise of a country. So let’s support Africa 4G and their bid to provide the ability for all people to connect with each other no matter where they are on the global map!

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